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Abortion Pill Reversal Data

Since April 2020, 114 women have contacted the Abortion Pill Rescue Program. 69 of these went onto to recieve simple treatement to reverse the lethal effects of the first abortion pills (mifipristone). 


This has led to 33 successful treatments- a success rate of 51%. Five of these babies have already been born and “are alive and well with no maternal or child complications”,  the rest are due to be delivered in the coming weeks and months. 

The progesterone pills can be easily administered orally or virginally,  by the mother. The medication are generally well-tolerated, although the woman may notice relatively minor side effects such as nausea and tiredness.


The pre-release report, due to be presented at the Catholic Medical Association Annual Conference also highlights:


  • The improved rates of success when these pills are taken within of 6 hours 

  • The gratitude of mothers, when the treatment has been unsuccessful , “that somebody has tried to help them in their hour of need”


This life saving service is currently being managed by two qualified doctors in the UK, and is being positively discouraged by abortion helplines without evidence. It is also not referenced as a treatment on the NHS website. 


Since this report was sent to Care for Women, the service has now received 130 calls for help (up from 114 when the pre-report was published). The numbers commencing and continuing treatment are now 77 with 39 currently successful, with seven healthy babies born in that time.

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