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Campaign Letters

A year to the day

On the 30th March the Care for Women Partnership, gathered outside three significant locations to mark one year since these new and dangerous measures were enacted. 

The locations included the the Department of Health and Social Care in Victoria, Parliament Square and the Royal College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians in London Bridge. 


At the first location an open letter was handed to the front desk calling on policy makers to:

  1.  End “pills by post” abortion measures immediately

  2.  Ensure meticulous and impartial data collection to ascertain the full impact of these measures

  3.  Ensure women in a crisis pregnancy are properly supported and counselled by truly independent organisations.

The letter was handed to them by Natalia, one of 75,000 women to undergo a "DIY" abortion since these new measures were first introduced. She called these new measures  "dangerous", and highlighted the ease with which women can be "coerced" and offered "no support". She also stated that because the abortion was conducted in her home she now "can't get away from it". 

Women deserve better.

On 15th June 2021 Care For Women received a reply from a health minister and MP- Helen Whately. 

Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 12.56_edited.jpg

Calling for an
impartial investigation...

On the 15th June 2021, The Care for Women partnership produced a second letter calling on the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to conduct a full 360 degree investigation into “at home abortion" before any decisions were made.

The open letter was triggered in response to another large open letter send to the DHSC by leading figures in the abortion industry and a large contingent of supporters including Stonewall claiming these new measures had been “overwhelmingly positive”, and in the best interests of vulnerable groups. 

The letter calls into question these claims with compelling counter evidence and urges the DHSC to investigate the matter properly and impartially before any final decisions are made.

We have not yet received a reply.

Introducing our work to the new Secretary of State

On 29th June 2021, days after Matt Hancock resigned, the Care for Women Partnership composed the following letter to his successor Sajid Javid.


The purpose of the letter is not simply to congratulate Sajid on his new appointment but to bring to his attention the injustice of DIY home abortion and the growing weight of evidence suggesting that it is not only unsafe, but also undesired by the public at large. 


Evidence which to date has been largely ignored by his department. 


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