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Hospital Data 2021

Ever since DIY abortions were fully introduced in March 2020, the abortion industry have repeatedly claimed these measures are “safe, ethical and effective” while simultaneously pushing for DIY home abortion to be made permanent in the media. 

They claim that only 2 in 100 women will suffer complications (BPAS video) and that this complication is "rare"

Yet a Freedom of Information investigation of 127 UK hospitals,  conducted by Percuity limited,  revealed that 5.9% of women require unplanned hospital treatment following a medical abortion. That’s a treatment failure rate of 1 in 17 women.


The same investigation discovered that  3 in 100 women require surgery to remove baby body party or pregnancy tissue.  And 2 in 100% require treatment for hemorrhage. 


According to WHO definitions these are not “rare” side effects but “common” side effects. 


The investigation calls into serious question


  • The safety of these pills

  • The accuracy of the information women are being given 

  • The way data is collected by the abortion industry and the DHSC

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