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Data Source

  •  75,000, DIY home abortions. This figure has been extrapolated from Government Corona Virus Abortion Data that detailed 23,000 at home abortions where both pills (mifepristone and misoprostol) were taken at home between April and June 2020. This figure does not include the women who took only the second pills at home, which is used to ejects the child.


  • 11,786 incomplete abortions. Gathered, and extrapolated from Hospital FOI data from 17 hospitals accounting for 19% of the UK population.

  • 3,588 surgical interventions refers to the removal of the baby or placenta from the uterus by vacuum aspiration, or dilation and curettage (D&C), gathered and extrapolated from hospital FOI data.

  • 264 ambulance calls,  gathered and extrapolated from two FOI requests from Ambulance Services in Yorkshire and Wales (covering 13.7% of population).

  • 52 illegal abortions.  Recorded in FOI request (1250644) in supplementary analysis of Government Corona Virus Abortion Data. 

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