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Gov Consultation Outcry

The UK Government opened a public consultation into these measures on 25th November 2020. It closed on 26th February 2021 although the results were published for a further 11 months, on 10th March 2022.  


A summary of the results are:

  • 18,834 people responded to the consultation.

  • 18,659 responded as individual (99%)

  • 175 responded as organisations (1%)

  • 70% of respondents requested it be “ended immediately”

  • 22% of respondents requested it be “made permanent”

  • 4% responded it be extended a further year

In order to equalise the public outcry captured by these results, consultation organisers proceeded to include a separate table in the annex which separate out individual responses they deemed non inspired by campaign groups and those that were. This yielding the following result rate of:

45% requested it be ended immediately 

41% requested it be made permanent 

This second annexed figure has been quoted more than the first larger figure, especially in the pro-abortion secular media. Exactly what metric was used to separate the results is still not known.

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