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Hospital, Ambulance and CQC data

Abortion providers and Royal Collage of Gynaecologists (RCOG) have been bold in asserting that these new measures are not only safe but also effective. In order to substantiate this they have relied upon their own data and figures from the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC).


However grass roots data gathered from hospitals, ambulance services and the Care Quality Commissioner (CQC) tell a very different story. Analysis of  Freedom of Information requests from 17 hospitals, 2 ambulance services and comprehensive CQC data reveal:

  • 11 illegal cases with serious complications being investigated by the CQC of women taking the pills beyond 10 weeks. ​

  • 4  illegal cases with serious complications being investigated by the CQC where  women took these pills beyond 24 weeks.*

  • Data suggests complication rates have risen from 1.7 women per 1000 to 7.5 women per 1000. 

  • On average 39 calls a month are being made to 999 ambulance services from distressed women having taken these pills

  • On average 20 ambulance per month are being sent to attend these women

  • 495 women a month are attending hospital due to incomplete abortion

  • 250 women a month are requiring surgery to remove "retained products of conception"

*CQC data doesn't specific which of these 4 cases were the result of at home abortion with no in clinic assessment or following an in clinic assessment. Either way it raises grave safety concerns. 

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